Hi, my name is Natascha and I am a registered Homoeopath, Acupuncturist and Energy medicine practitioner.

I love inspiring people to heal on all possible levels.

How can I help you?

Are you always sick?

Do you struggle with chronic health conditions, stress, emotional or mental health problems?

Are you struggling with side effects from your medication?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the information about disease, health products and lifestyle changes?

If this resonates with you, Dr Wolf is here to help.

Traditionally, mainstream medicine targets the symptoms of the disease,
not the underlying causes and conditions.

While somewhat helpful in the short term, this approach can only offer superficial healing and often requires the use of chronic medication to keep the symptoms in check.

The same applies to emotional wounds, which are medicated away while that tiny spark inside of you that longs for real healing, soul healing, and that is often the quietest voice,
is shut out.

Using complementary modalities Dr Wolf can help you to regain your physical and mental health, guide, and mentor you to heal your deepest emotional wounds and help you to live a joyous life.

If you would like deep healing , Dr Wolf can help. Reach out today to learn more.

What happens in a consultation?

  1. History taking – in depth
  2. looking at your previous blood tests and imaging studies
  3. Undergo an examination
  4. Evaluate your condition for the best suitable treatment
  5. Diagnosis and advice i.e. diet, lifestyle, further specialized testing etc
  6. Treatment – acupuncture or energy medicine techniques
  7. Always – dispensing of homoeopathic, herbal and supplements
  8. Outcome – improved health

Get in touch

Registered Homoeopath & Acupuncturist
M.Tech Hom. (TWR), B.Com (R.A.U)
Registration no: A8850, Practice. no: 0014257

Tel:  011-675-3699
 Cell:  082 841 3370
   Fax:  086-664-2653

826 Cascades Road,
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