Hi my name is Natascha and I am a registered Homoeopath, Acupuncturist and Energy medicine practitioner, but you might call me a healer, a health whisperer or an energy field mechanic.

I love inspiring people to heal on all possible levels.

How can I help you?

I help people who long to access their deepest self healing abilities but don’t realise how powerful and unique their bodies innate wisdom can be.
I serve my patients by guiding them to heal their deepest selves as well as their physical disease so that they can reach their ultimate health.
I know from my own path to mental and emotional wellness  and working with patients for 20 years that you can experience profound healing with the correct homoeopathy, acupuncture, supplements and spiritual healing / energy medicine techniques.
What has been even more astounding over the years is the healing that happens when a person starts to look at their deepest wounds and issues.
I would like to help you to understand how to be the change for your own health.
I have numerous professional credentials  and have done much training over the years but what I really want you to know about me are what my values are in my business:

I am in service to you.
I understand you.
The practice of non judgement
treatments are offered in service of your highest good.

I believe that deep healing of self, soul, psyche, and spirit will change the world. If you are looking for someone to guide you to recovering your health and your emotional happiness, then I hope you will schedule a consult today.

Professional Bio:

  • Graduated from the Rand Afrikaans University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Commerce in accountancy
  • Graduated from The University of Johannesburg in 2000 with Masters degree in Homoeopathy
  • Obtained post graduate Diploma in Acupuncture in 2000
  • 2010 –  Completed Complementary and Alternative medical approach to Reproductive Health.
  • Worked for the University of Johannesburg as a lecturer and clinic manager
  • Obtained post graduate diploma in Advanced Homoeopathy
  • Full time practice in 2005 and part time clinician and lecturer at the University of Johannesburg
  • Functional medicine courses from 2010 to current through the Institute of Functional medicines
  • Attended the Applied Functional medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) course in 2012
  • 2018 – attended Auricular medicine course
  • 2014 – 2020 – various energy medicine courses (reiki, energy healing, metaphysics, soul retrieval, entity release, journey work, and channelling, etc)
  • 2020 – Attending the Four Winds course –  Energy medicine practitioner and health coach


Professional memberships

Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa, Homoeopathic association of South Africa and South African Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture association